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FAQ Driving-Range-HeaterS

A driving range heater might be an option for us. But I would like to be careful with investments. I would like to try them on a small scale. Is that possible?

Can the driving range heater also be used to heat the outdoor restaurant?

I prefer electrical heating to gas for my driving range. Can you install this, too?

I see the advantages of driving range heating, however I do not want to have to worry about it.

Is it possible to switch to a different activating system?

Is there a difference between heating with natural gas or with propane?

Is there a difference in price between the driving range heaters on natural gas and the ones on propane?

Our driving range is close to the natural gas distribution net. Is it profitable to extend the gas pipe to the driving range?

Our golf pro wants to purchase a driving range heater with a time switch with a button and key. We would like to have a coin-operated time switch for the other driving range heaters. Is this possible?

What is the frequency of maintenance of the heaters?

What is the life span of a driving range heater?

What is the maximum height for the driving range heater to have its heating effect?

Who can maintain the system?

Who performs the maintenance of the driving range heaters?

 Our driving range has a pitched roof. Each suspension bracket needs to be different. Is that a problem?