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The RedHot9

The RedHot9

Fewer classes cancelled
Golf classes are an important source of income for professionals. No-shows are a loss. When the weather is cold, the number of no-shows increases. Outdoor heating on the driving range will surely diminish this number. It is simple to calculate your return on investment of an outdoor heater.

More activity
Golf clubs can also benefit from a heated driving range. Golf players who ignore the golf course in wintertime do not generate income. A comfortable, heated driving range will attract these players. So does a better handicap during the season.

Driving range heaters can be used as a service product or as an earnings model. The way of activating the heater influences the costs directly. Therefore it is important in this decision.

There are three ways of activating the heaters:

  1. Time switch with button
  2. Time switch with button and key
  3. Coin-operated time switch

Golf courses with the e-range system: heaters can be link to this system.

You can regulate the time intervals yourself.

Golf players like comfort. A covered driving range protects against rain and wind. Add heaters and cold is not a reason for not practicing either. At the same time more income will be generated for pro, club or organization, since the comfortable practice situation will attract more people to the golf course in cold periods.